Turner Named to Indiana Commercial Courts Committee

Wayne Turner has been named to the committee created by the Indiana Supreme Court to provide guidance to the state’s six Commercial Courts.

In 2016, the Indiana Supreme Court established a three-year Commercial Courts Pilot Project to end June 1, 2019. The purposes of the pilot project included allow commercial disputes to be resolved efficiently with expertise and technology and enhancing the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of judicial decisions in commercial cases.

The Supreme Court determined that the pilot project was successful in advancing these benchmarks and goals, and ordered that the Commercial Courts be permanently established in Indiana with the following judges:

  • Judge Craig Bobay, Allen Superior Court – Civil Division
  • Judge Stephen Bowers, Elkhart Superior Court 2
  • Judge Richard D’Amour, Vanderburgh Superior Court
  • Judge Maria Granger, Floyd Superior Court 3
  • Judge John Sedia, Lake Superior Court
  • Judge Heather Welch, Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 1

By order of the Supreme Court, the Commercial Courts Committee must include individuals experienced in business litigation and the judicial system, and must consist of the judges of each court, attorneys, and at least one legislator, Chamber of Commerce representative, and law professor.

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